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Since 1997, DTS has been helping tennis players and their families navigate the college recruiting process to find the program and school best suited for their tennis and academic goals. Our unique understanding of the recruiting and admissions processes; our wealth of experience in customizing those processes for our individual student-athletes’ specific needs;  and our personal relationship with an extensive network of college coaches throughout the country combine to make DTS the premier provider of Recruitment Consulting Services.

We have assisted over 1,000 student-athletes in finding the right college, from identifying appropriate schools to matriculation and every step in between. Our clients have gone on to play at over 100 colleges and universities, including many of the most prestigious schools in the country.

In addition to our Recruitment Consulting Services, the DTS College Prospects Showcases provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity for competitive high school players to be seen by a vast number of college coaches from some of the top schools and tennis programs in the country.  College coaches representing over 300 programs have attended our events in their 16 year history.

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Did you know the following facts about college admissions and athletics:


In 2013, the average acceptance rate at the five most competitive Ivy League schools was 7.1%, with Harvard University accepting only 5.8% of their applicants.

The average acceptance rate at the five most competitive liberal arts schools was 14.9% with Pomona College accepting only 12.9% of their applicants.


At the more elite academic schools, nearly two-thirds of all recruited athletes are now accepted under early decision programs, well above the percentage accepted early decision in the general applicant pool.


Student-athletes have a distinct edge over the average student in the admissions process. Recruited athletes have a 48% greater chance of being admitted than the average student at large.

The average SAT score for admitted athletes is often well below the SAT scores for non-athletes; in some cases over 300 points lower (on a 2400 scale).


Over 85% of DTS clients get into their first choice school.

98% of players participating in the DTS College Prospects Showcase go on to play college tennis.

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Choosing a college is a tremendously important decision… but it can be a daunting one. You’ve invested lots of time and resources and have worked hard both on the court and in the classroom to get to where you are. Let us help you take the all important next step!

Whether you possess a top national ranking or no ranking at all, we're here to help you identify the college program that's right for you, and we're here to help you get there. Contact us today to get started!

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